Amazon has lost me as a music customer

posted: 2013-Feb-21

My complaint letter to Amazon:

I’ve been a music customer of yours for several years. The lack of DRM on mp3 files has been a critical factor for me. I’m also a 100% Linux user for over 10 years and, let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy buying music from Amazon.

Up until now, the difficulties have been primarily:

The details of these problems and more have been documented exhaustively all over the web by many people. Even so, many of us persisted in doing whatever it took to buy from Amazon.

In recent months, things have taken a turn for the worst:

I’m actually in a state of disbelief over this last point, download restricted to one file at a time but only if you use Linux. What could possibly be the reason for this? Browsers like Firefox and Chrome are identical. Amazon has decided to attack Linux itself with this. And you’ve gone too far.

So, you’ve lost me as a music customer, effective immediately. I don’t particularly want to buy from Google, but they are A) making this work properly and B) not attacking Linux customers.

Please forward this to the appropriate locations in your organization, and be advised that this email to you is a public weblog post available here.